5Found! was created with two simple reasons.

Yang, the founder of 5Found!, and his friends as well, just find themselves heavily immersed in Internet, gadgets and technology and they constantly come across interesting and useful websites, apps here and there everyday.  So they think it would be cool to let you know those wonderful things as well via 5Found!.

They also see people around them just get overwhelmed by the tremendous resources over the Internet and various websites, apps, gadgets etc, especially for those who are not tech savvy. So 5Found! was created in the hope that people can  find useful websites or apps easily and quickly, at least, in some way.

So what exactly does 5Found! do?

It is simple.

Everyday, Yang and his fellows will  find and share 5 different websites, apps, gadgets etc that will just get one single thing done! It’s 5, not less or more, because they think 5 will not make you feel hard to choose while you still have options. Surely, they will always try to find the best of 5. If you disagree or have the better 6th found, you can leave your comments under the related post.

How do you think of that? Do you use or know websites or apps that get one thing done and you would like to share with others? They are open to feedback or submissions.