5 Websites to Test Your Typing Speed Online

Nowadays we all work with a computer and if we can increase our typing speed, we will surely improve our work, especially if your work requires a lot of inputting. Generally, the average adult types about 36 to 45 words per minute. Do you want to know how fast can you type and do you want to increase your typing skills? Here are 5 websites that will help you test and improve your typing speed.

1  Typeracer

Typeracer allows you to race with others by typing quotes from books, movies, and songs. You will compete with other people to type the same text. No people want to lag behind others so you will try to type faster every time and your typing speed will be improved. Typeracer is now available in 50 different languages.

2 Typingtest

Typingtest allows you to test your typing speed easily. You can choose from 9 languages and you can choose sample text of different topics. The test time can be one minute, two minutes or three minutes. When you are typing, it will show you the left time, your typing speed and errors.

3 Keybr

Keybr allows you to test your typing speed with different languages and keyboard layouts. You can also choose the text source you want to type, include random text, custom text and webpage you specify. During typing test, if you type them correctly, letters will be painted in black and in red if you make a typo. Keybr supports various languages including German, French, and Russian etc and when you switch to a different one, the random words will be generated using the phonetic rules of that language.

4 Typeonline

Typeonline allows you to test you typing speeds in terms of pure words, pure numbers and combinations of words and numbers. After typing, it will show your typing speed.

5 10fastfingers

10fastfinger allows you to test your typing speed by typing out the given words in 1 minute. You can choose different languages to test and now it covers more than 50 languages including English, Arabic, Armenian, Danish, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Japanese etc.

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