3 Online Tools to Check Your Password Strength and Security

According to research carried out by Tony Hunt, who completed a detailed analysis of passwords using some 300,000 accounts breached from Sony, Gawker and other sources, over 60% people uses either dictionary words, numbers, names of persons and places to construct their passwords. Those passwords are always among the most hacked passwords, so I guess you are not using them. But do you want to know how secure is your password and how long it can take to get your password hacked? Check out the following 3 online tools, which will help you check your password strength and security.

1 How Secure Is My Password

How Secure Is My Password is a simple website that allows you to enter any string of characters and it will tell how long it will take a desktop PC to hack your password. It will also give your possible reasons why it might be easily get hacked and tips to improve that. We do not suggest entering a password you are using now because it could be unsafe. Just fake a few ones that are similar to yours.

2 Passwordmeter

Passwordmeter allows you to enter a string and it will give you instantaneous visual feedback in regards to number of characters, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, middle numbers or symbol etc. If your password contains something that constitutes a good password, you will get additional bonuses and if some bad practices are detected in your password, your overall score will be reduced and you can improve according to your overall score.

3 Strength Test

Strength Test is a simple tool from rumkin.com and it will gauge your password and give it a score based on how good of a password it is. After you enter a password, it will show your password length, password strength, entropy etc.

Note that the results the tools above provide are just an indication of how strong or safe your password is, there is no guarantee that your password will be totally secure in any situation. Besides, these online tools may send data over the Internet so you may use a fake password or a similar one to test.

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