5 Free Online Random Number Generators

An online Random Number generator simply generates a sequence of numbers that are supposedly unpredictable. You can use them to generate random numbers for a variety of purposes such as holding drawings, lotteries and sweepstakes, to drive games and gambling sites. For some bloggers, if you are holding giveaways on your website, you may use a random number generator to decide the winner rather than pick them yourself. However, as most online random number generators are programmed based on computational methods, so what you get are pseudo-random numbers, or not true random numbers. That being said, for general uses where unpredictability is not paramount, they are fine to go.

1 Random.org

Random.org claims to be able to generate true random numbers. They base their randomness on atmospheric noise so it is better than other programs using pure computational algorithms. It allows you to enter a minimum value  and a maximum value and then it will instantly generate a random number between two values.

2 Stattrek RNG

Stattrek RNG allows you to create a list of of random numbers. You can specify the quantity of random numbers you want to generate, the minimum and maximum value of random numbers, whether or not you allow duplicate numbers. Besides, you can also choose to designate a seed number. The author of Stattrek RNG clearly states that numbers generated are not truly random and it can not be used for generate number for cryptography.

3 Randomnumbers.info

According to  Randomnumbers.info, its quantum random random number generator is the result of a collaboration between the University of Geneva and the company ID Quantique. You can generate up to 1000 random numbers between 0 and any value no more than 10000.

4 GraphPad RNG

The generator from GraphPad allows you to generate a table of random numbers with columns and rows, minimum and maximum values you specify. The above shows a table of numbers in 5 columns and 5 rows between 0 and 10000.

5 RandomNumberGenerator.com

This generator  from RandomNumberGenerator.com allows you to customize your purpose descriptions and specify minimum and maximum numbers and then generate a random for that purpose. For example, if you want to generate a random number for a dice. You can enter your description and then specify the min and max value as 1 and 6. You can generate up to 20 random numbers at a time. Negative numbers are allowed.

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