5 Free Blogging Platforms to Start a Blog

Are you passionate about something and you would like to share with others? or you setup a business and you like to communicate with your customers? or simply you want your voices to be heard and you want to reach the world outside? Then you should definitely start a blog. Thanks to all these excellent blogging platforms, now it is extremely easy to start your blog. Below are 5 most popular blogging platforms used most by people around the world.

1 WordPress

WordPress is unarguable the most popular free blogging platform over the Internet. Users can start a blog by registering a custom domain and hosting on WordPress for free or download its web software to blog on your own server, for which you will need to buy your own domain and server to host your blog. The best of WordPress is that it has a large community of followers, users and developers, you have numerous beautiful free themes to choose from, numerous useful plug-ins to enhance your blog performance. Though getting all things to work may seem daunting to a newbie, but once you do, you will surely love it. If you do encounter problems, go to their forums and many people will be happy to answer all your questions.

2 Blogger

Blogger is another famous blogging platform now owned now by Google. If you just don’t expect some advanced features such as flexibility and appearance of your blog, you can go with Blogger, which is extremely easy to setup and support drag-drop template editing. Blogger allows you to register a custom domain for free under blogger.com and they will host your blog so you cost nothing. So it is a definitely newbie friendly platform.

3 Tumblr

Tumblr is often referred to as micro-blogging, something between tweeting and full blogging. It is called so because it features short and frequent, media-rich posts. Tumblr appeals to many young people who do not want to set up a full-fledged blog, which seems formal and takes time, but still would like to vent their thoughts through text, images, videos. Users can register a custom domain and host on Tumblr for free. Tumblr is also very easy to set up and supports drag and drop editing. Besides, it offers a lot of themes and customizations.

4 Posterous

Posterous is a platform offered to bloggers, businesses, families etc. Like most other platforms, it offers free custom domains, free themes. But the unique feature of it maybe the concept of privacy blog.
This feature allows you to set your blog space to public or private, which respectively allows everyone to see or only allows people invited to see. This is useful if you are sharing a family photo gallery and you only want your closest friends to see and in another day you want to share your funny cats with the entire world. Also Posterous comes with a well designed app for iPhone and Android so that you can post anytime and anywhere.

5 Weebly

Weebly allows you to create a free blog as well as a free website. You just choose a free custom domain with them and they will take care of hosting. Weebly features drag and drop interface and allows you to add photos and videos with ease. Also they offer hundreds of professional themes. To start a weebly blog is very easy. You just sign up with your name and email, then you will be asked to write a title and choose a topic for your blog, then you can choose to register a subdomain with them or just use you own domain. After that, you can start to drag and drop widgets, writing titles, upload images and videos etc.

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