5 Online Alarm Clocks to Wake You Up

Research shows that a midday snooze can increase productivity and alertness at work. and If you always have to struggle against mid-afternoon sluggishness at work, then probably you should take a nap. But how do you make sure you do not oversleep while there is not an alarm clock? Well you may probably want to try the following 5 online alarm clocks. In addition to waking you up, they can also be used as a reminder for a task to be finished within limited time or a reminder for meetings alike.

1 Onlineclock.net

Onlineclock.net offers a simple clock. When you open it, it shows your current time and you can set the alarm time below. It rings at the time you set. You can set the size and background color of the clock.

2 kuku klok

Kuku klok allows you to set the time to wake you up with a variety of sounds including military trumpet, cockerel, classic clock, electronic, slayer guitar etc.

3 music-alarm-clock.com

music-alrm-clock.com will wake you up with music. You set the time and then pick an alarm sound. It could be melodies or radio stations from their list. Also at the bottom there is option for stop alarm or snooze.

4 onlinevideoclock.com

As its name suggests, onlinevideoclock.com will wake you up with a video clip. You can set a clip from their suggestions, or pick your favorite YouTube video .

5 MetaClock

MetaClock allows you to easily set wake-up-time and choose from a list of songs like Good Morning Beautiful, I Feel Good, Morning Twitter etc. You can also set to open a website or a YouTube Video with the alarm. Another feature that doesn’t come with other alarm clocks is that you can add notes to alarms.

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