5 Online Stopwatches to Count Up and Count Down

How much time do you spend browsing news, checking emails or play games daily online? You will never notice how much time you have spent meaninglessly until you, maybe, use an online stopwatch. An online stopwatch can help you monitor the time you spend on a specific activity or all activities in a day so that you might improve your productivity by analyzing the data. Besides, an online stopwatch can also be a good tool to improve your cookery skills, teaching effectiveness etc. Now check the following 5 online stopwatches we found and hopefully it will be useful to you.

1 Onlineclock.net

onlineclock.net offers a simple stopwatch with three buttons for start/stop, split and reset. You can also set the size of stopwatch as small, medium, large and x-large on the left top of the page or set the background color of on the right top of the page.

2 Chronme

This online stopwatch from chronme.com allows you to time a specific activity or a series of activities. It is different from onlineclock.net in that it allows you to name every activities or laps so that you can keep track of all your activities in a given time. At the same time, it logs the data and the start time of every lap.  Finally, you can download and save the list of activities to your computer as csv or scsv format, which can be opened with Excel.

3 online-stopwatch.com

online-stopwatch.com offers a series of timers, stopwatches alike. Its basic stopwatch allows you to count up or count down and use it  as full screen. In addition to that, you might want to check out  its other timers as well, some of which are really useful and interesting, such as egg timer, chess timer, bomb countdown, classroom timers. In a word, you will probably find a stopwatch or timer for any strange purpose.

4 timeme

The online stopwatch from timeme.com is another powerful stopwatch. According to its website,you can time from any ‘start time’ to any ‘stop time’, counting up or down, with or without an alarm, in a loop or not. What’s more, it allows you set the appearance of the stopwatch. For example, the display colors, the size of the numbers and the font of numbers. The tool is compatible with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari and more.

5 timeanddate

The stopwatch from timeanddate.com is similar to that of Chronme and it allows you to label each lap and record the start time and date of each lap, but it seems you can not save it to your computer. There is a unique feature that is not seen on any other online stopwatch. That is, you can set an alarm so that it will beep, tick at a specific time or every given time period like every second, minute etc, it could be very useful for some purposes.

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