5 Lorem Ipsum Generators to Generate Dummy Text

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit … “

Most designers will be very familiar with the text above, which is called lorem ipsum, the most commonly used dummy text or placeholder text in the printing and typesetting industry to test the graphics elements of a document or visual presentation such as fonts, layouts etc. The text is intended to be meaningless so that more attention will be focused on the overall presentation of fonts, layouts etc instead of the meanings of text. The following 5 lorem ipsum generators will help you to generate various lorem ipsum text so that you can use them according to your needs.

1 Lipsum

Lipsum allows you to generate lorem ipsum text with your specified paragraphs, words, bytes or lists. You can choose whether to start with “Lorem ipsum dolor…” or not. After generation, copy and paste it to wherever you like.

2 Lorem ipsum generator

This tool from lore-ipsum.info allows you to generate standard lorem ipsum text as well lorem ipsum text in exotic charsets and languages. You can generate with paragraphs, words you specify. You can also add random diacritical marks existing in other languages. There is also a wide range of options for other languages or charsets such as  Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Esperanto, Morse Code etc. You can download the dummy text in html format or in txt format.

3 Ipsum-generator

With Ipsum-generator, you can generate dummy text with the paragraphs, words or sentences you specify. You can also choose to add paragraph tags, italic tags and bold tags.

4 Randomtext.me

Randomtext.me allows you to generate lorem ipsum text easily. You can choose various types of element including ordered list, un-ordered list, paragraphs, headings. Then you specify the number of elements and a range of words. You can view it in plain text or HTML code and download as txt or html format. It also comes with a gibberish generator if you want to use non-lorem-ipsum dummy text. Besides, it also allows you to construct a query using URL like “http://www.randomtext.me/lorem/ul-10/5-10″ to quickly get your text.

5 Blindtextgenerator

Blindtextgenerator allows you to generate lorem ipsum text with the number of  words, characters, paragraphs you specify. Advanced options include font family, font style, font weight, font size, letter spacing, line height, etc. In addition to lorem ipsum text, you can also generate other dummy text like Cicero, Li Europan lingues, Pangram etc.

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